{my treasures}

I wake up in the morning looking forward this.  Coffee..bagel...and sometimes a nectarine. 

My family.  This is us at a Cuban restaurant for my dad's birthday :) 

My BFF Hilary.   We met in first grade, and even though she lives in Rhode Island, she's always someone that I can talk to.   If you've ever had a friend where you can not see him or her for EVER and then when you do see each other, it's like no time has passed.  She's that friend for me.  She's the most determined person I know and I love her to death! 

My boyfriend Cody.   He is the most sweetest and caring boyfriend.   I am so lucky.   I probably wouldn't be doing what I love (special ed), if it wasn't for this guy.  He has taught me so much life and what's important.  Even though he doesn't always accept it, I do love him more.  This was taken in a photo booth at his friend's wedding.  

More treasures to come