Saturday, January 15, 2011

One week till school begins again!

I had to start this entry with a picture of my bestie and I! Hillary Feeney has been braving the cold out in Rhode Island, now that she lives there. She is a multitasker like no other - in an MBA program, practically working 2 jobs, acing her classes. That's my bestie :) She makes anything possible. It was so nice to see her while she was back in Yorba Linda during Christmas! I can't wait to see her again soon....I have a feeling the next time I see her will be around Easter....and then it will be when her older sister gets MARRIED! Ahh! I remember when her sister and I would play Barbies under blanket forts. It's ...i don't know about crazy....but kind of exciting seeing people from high school getting engaged....married..having babies. I guess that time is I ready? We'll see whenever that stage in my life arrives. LOL

Another year has begun, and I'd have to stay things seem to be going really well! Work is good....I love my school! Meadow Park was just named #1 Public Elementary School in OC by the OC Register! I couldn't be more blessed to work at a place where all the teachers, staff, and students are so wonderful. Meadow Park truly is like a family, like the parent said in the newspaper article :) here's the link if you'd like to check it out!

This weekend is my last three day weekend before school starts. I'm going to take the pre-req classes for the Special Ed program at CSUF. Even though I applied for the Mild/Moderate Credential, I'm trying to change it to Moderate/Severe. I absolutely love the children in the special day classes at my school and my dream would be to have a class with students like them. They are the sweetest children in the world, and they always make me smile :) I love seeing them have fun and laugh at school - the SDC teachers at my school are awesome! They have such big hearts for their students, as with all the other teachers and staff :)

Besides work and school, I've been going to the gym the past few days! I woke up at 8am today....for a saturday, that seems pretty early...but I can wake up early, I will! I feel so good right's 11 am and I feel like I've accomplished a lot already. I'm a sucker for anything that has to do with zen or relaxation lately too! If you ever feel unmotivated or tired, you should go to this blog called zenhabits. There are so many motivating entries...the writer, Leo, really knows his stuff. I always feel so good and relaxed after reading some of his entries. A lot of the entries have to do with how to live more simply, not worry so much, etc. I leave his site feeling very thankful for everyone and everything in not just my life, but life in general :) Here's a pretty good article on how to slow down and enjoy your relationships with others.

I've fallen in love with a new musician...and yes, he actually writes his own music. Mat Kearney. You might have heard of him...or maybe one or two of his songs....but this guy is amazing! I love all his music. I've created a Pandora radio station in his name :) One of my favorite songs of his is called Fire and always makes me feel so uplifted and inspired! Listen listen!

Last weekend my family and I went to a horse race for the first time at the Santa Anita Park! It was pretty fun...super cold though. I'd definitely like to go again. It's a really fun thing to do, if you want to socialize with friends because each race lasts around a minute, and then you have a half hour to wait until the next race. People make bets ....we just bet a few bucks :)

This week I went to Cody's little sister's and niece's dance recital. They were the cutest little dancers on the stage! They both knew what they were doing, and there were times when I could tell they were frustrated with the other little dancers who didn't know exactly what they were doing. Good job girls! I love dance recitals....especially when I know someone in it...or I'm in it myself! I need to find a way to get into a dance recital...i told Cody I may get so inspired at the recital that I'll jump on stage and dance. I was able to control myself. I WILL get back into dance soon's just so hard because all the dancers are so young, and even though I'm not old, I'm definitely older than most amazing dancers these days. I guess it's good I look younger than I am!

Cody and I are super duper happy! Below if our Christmas photo :) On Monday, he's taking me to Disneyland with his little sister. I can't wait! He's the best <3
Most recent purchase for myself? New perfume! I was reading a magazine one day and I came across this ad and I fell in love with the smell and the picture. Good ad, Estee Lauder. You win.

Thanks to Santa's gift card to Nordstrom, I decided it'd be a smarter decision to buy perfume that will last me for a long time rather than buy clothes that I'll probably wear for a season and then get sick of. Working at school has really reminded me the good that comes from making good decisions. I always have to ask myself....what would be a better choice? Just like I ask some students.

Actually...whenever I go shopping now, I tend to leave empty handed. It's bittersweet because I don't spend money, but I also don't have any clothes! Often times I see super cute clothes...but then I realize I wouldn't wear it to work...and I wouldn't really wear it unless I was going out. My use of money has completely changed over the past 6 months. Welcome to the adult world, I guess. I prefer to live debt-free and pay off my credit card balances every month...thanks dad for raising me well ;) If you're looking for advice on how to improve your finances, check this out. Even though this blog is geared towards 20-somethings, it's really helpful information for anyone!

I've decided to start something new and each entry with a quote..whether it be one that is about happiness, success, joy, simplicity :) I'm going to TRY...REALLY make a daily quote post. Even if I don't blog about anything else. It's just be something to think about, and hopefully feel good about!

"I have learned to seek my happiness by limiting my desires, rather than attempting to satisfy them."
-John Stuart Mills

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