Saturday, January 21, 2012

My new creation!

I've tried to squeeze a little bit more of craftiness before the craziness of school begins on Monday (which I'm actually pretty excited about!). This time I've been more creative in my crochet craftiness than making headbands and flowers.

Here it is!'s a garland of hearts! My first garland was comprised of pink hearts on a brown string. The pink and brown made me think of my sorority, Gamma Phi Beta, because those are our colors. Go Gamma Phi! While the garland could be used for Valentine's Day... I thought, "Hey...this would be pretty cute in a baby girl's room (gamma phi legacy maybe??)....I'll make a headband to match. " We'll see what happens with those items...

THEN yesterday I was at the boyfriend's office with my tote of crochet materials,and his little sister came in. She is such a cutie, and I decided to make her one. She saw the pink and brown one I made, and then I let her pick the colors. She picked alternating red and pink hearts on a red string. Thank goodness I bought red yarn the other day! I figured I would need it, if I ever wanted a very festive Valentine's Day garland. Sure enough, I needed it :)

Here's hers!

And here it is draped from a window....(yes, the weather this morning wasn't so pretty...)

I love making new things :)

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