Saturday, June 22, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up!


Summer time has arrived, and as usual, I have difficulty finding ways to simply enjoy it. I'm someone who always feels like I should be doing something.  As a teacher, there's ALWAYS something that can be done during the school year.  In a way this is a problem for me because I could easily work 24/7.   Cody always has to tell me to stop working.  When summer comes around, I find myself thinking, "Come on Diana...all you do is pretty much eat, go to the gym, browse the internet, and watch tv."  I'm slowly learning to embrace this time off.  This summer is especially difficult because I can apply for jobs, yet since I'm adding on another credential this upcoming semester, I can't exactly do that yet.  I could apply for mild/moderate special ed teaching positions since I have my credential for that, but then I couldn't finish up my moderate/severe credential.  What I am doing is applying for moderate/severe teaching positions as an far I've applied to 4.  Since I'm not fully credentialed to teach in a moderate/severe setting, I'm not sure how good my chances are...yet nevertheless, I'm just going to see what will happen :)

This past week was Cody's little brother's high school graduation.  It was super sunny and hot during the ceremony.  Luckily we were able to get seats at the top of the football stadium, so we had a pretty good breeze compared to the people sitting below us.  Here is Cody and I with a trusty umbrella...that happened to invert itself at the most opportune times during the ceremony.

Here is a pic of the graduate and Cody's family.  As much as I love my small family consisting of my mom, dad, and older brother, it's always a fun time to joining Cody's big family during special events.  Having 4 brothers and sisters makes life pretty crazy!

Yesterday I attempted to give my hair a blow out.  Well...since I have so much hair, it took quite a while.  Normally I just let my hair air dry and it carries it's natural wave.  Sectioning my hair into pieces and blow drying each piece with a round brush takes so long.  Finally...I finished.  I think it turned out pretty well. It definitely could use improvement, but I did a much better job of blow drying my hair this time than ever before.  I really need to invest in a large, round, boar bristle brush.  I have read many reviews that those brushes are great for a great blow-dry.  I guess I'll have to see the difference myself.

After I blow dried my hair I decided to take a trip to Target because I was reading this beauty blog and the writer raved about Revlon's lip butter lip stick in Sweet Tarte.  I never used to be a big lip stick person, but recently I've enjoyed trying new ones.  Within the past few months, I've tried an orange, coral, and bright pink.  According to the review of the lip butter, it appeared to be a really pretty pink - not too bright like the last one I bought.  I found a $2 off an Revlon item coupon right before I left to Target - SCORE!

At Target, I also wanted to get slightly smaller curling iron than the one I have been using with my hair.  I was hoping to buy a wide, tapered Remington iron that I had seen before, but of course, it was out of stock.  I browsed through the other irons they had and I came across a BedHead Curlipop 1-inch tapered curling wand. It was $5 more than the Remington iron, making it $30.  While $5 isn't a whole lot, it did make me think things like, "I bet it's only $5 more because it's by BedHead".  I looked up reviews on my phone, and I couldn't find many.  I found a video created by BedHead, but of course they are going to make the wand seem absolutely fabulous.  I considered the fact that the wand is smaller than what I have currently been using, yet larger than another curling iron I've had in the past.  It was tapered, but very gradually tapered.  The Remington iron I originally wanted had a much more severe taper to it....if that makes sense. I liked the idea of a 1" iron, and I was feeling a little bit like "I came to Target and I'm leaving with a curling matter if it's the one I intended to get or not!", so I decided to take the risk and buy it.

Here is the fruit of my labor, my new curling iron, and my new lip butter! The curling iron was so easy to use.  I've had experience with a curling wand, so it wasn't to difficult to handle.  I just had to keep on eye on where I was putting the wand.  You can't see the lip butter too clearly - but I must say that the color "Sweet Tarte" is a winner.  It's a really pretty, natural pink. 

I am satisfied with it. 

Another new thing I've decided to do this week is try grocery store coffees that I have to grind myself.  I've always been curious of whether or not the coffee beans at the grocery store are worthy of being put into my coffee maker.  The first coffee I tried was from Wholesome Choice. I chose a hazelnut flavor, since my dad and I both love the Hazelnut coffee at a local bagel shop.  Well...sad day.  It didn't take like hazelnut at all.  My dad thought I might have been mistaken in which coffee I chose, but I know for a fact that I wasn't.  Either the store made a mistake or their hazelnut coffee is a a big fail.  My dad and I have too high of coffee standards for them.  Moving on to today, I tried a hazelnut coffee from Albertson's.  That would be the coffee in the "Java Delight" bag.  I made sure to not get too much, in case of a chance of a coffee fail numero dos.  When I got home, I brewed the coffee for my dad and I.  I smelled it smelled better than the coffee from Wholesome Choice, yet I still didn't smell much Hazelnut.  My confidence this coffee had already dropped. Then I took a taste...and it was meh.  Much better than the Wholesome Choice coffee, but still not as good as the bagel shop coffee.  I don't think anything will ever top that.  I'm beginning to like this coffee judging game.  I just hope I don't find myself with a bunch of coffee bags with all the coffee I've tried and dismissed.  I could easily see that happen.

Last update of this week....I tried a new nail polish!  It's a Sally Hansen Sugar Coat polish in a mint green color.  This is supposed to be a texturized nail polish.  I sampled it at Target, and it seemed pretty cool, so I decided to buy it and try it out.

Application of the nail polish went pretty smoothly.  I've always had a pretty successful time with Sally Hansen nail products.  The only problem was that the polish was a bit thicker with the sugary texture, so I had to be careful on not brushing my nail too much.  If I brushed it too much, the polish would be more concentrated in one area of my nail than another.

Here is a picture of my nails after it dried.  You can see the "sugary" quality of the nail polish. This nail polish definitely isn't for everybody.  My mom was not a huge fan.  She likes smooth nail polish. When I asked my dad to feel my nails, he freaked out a bit.  Personally, I liked the texture of the nail polish.  It's different, and I don't own any other "textured" nail polishes.  I'm happy with it.  :)


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