Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My oh things change :)

Big news! I graduated! Now what? That's what this blog is for....I guess. There are so many possibilities post-graduation, it's so difficult to choose what is right for me!

For the longest time, I was looking into event planning/fundraising jobs......then I started to realize, do I really want to live my weekends and nights stressed out about an event that will finish in one day? Don't get me wrong, I love planning events, baking, making things pretty......but I realized it wasn't something I would want to do as a career. Those are things I love to do in my spare time. If there was one thing I learned from psychology, if I were to get paid for doing what I love, I would begin to love it less. So....I want to keep my passion for party planning and baking :) My friends just need to start getting married and having babies so I can plan their wedding and baby showers. haha! Just kiddinggggg :)

After I got over event planning/fundraising jobs, I started looking into basic office assistant jobs. After almost 2 months since graduation, I was already beginning to feel very dissatisfied with my possible future as an office assistant, with possibly no potential for promotion. What else could I do? What else do I LOVE to do? What could I see myself doing after my future kids are grown up and out of the house? The answer became quite clear......go into Special Education. I absolutely LOVE working with kids, and this past year I worked in an elementary school under an RSP Specialist. Yes...dealing with 1st graders was a challenge, but honestly, every day I came home with stories and good laughs that lasted me alllllll day. I love the idea of being a role model for the children and helping them reach their potential in the classroom and in the real world. If you didn't know, children with special needs are referred to as Exceptional Students. I absolutely love that because they truly are :) While some may need extra help, they are just as deserving as any other student.
Pretty much....that sums up what my future "professional" plans are. Go to CSUF - get a special ed teaching credential....maybeee a Master's, if I'm feeling it....become an Special Education teacher...and eventually an RSP Specialist(preferably in an elementary school). It's going to take effort. However, this time when I go back to school, I have a definitely end goal - so I feel like I have the motivation to do well.

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