Sunday, May 15, 2011

five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes

So this weekend was super busy! Althought I should be finishing up my paper due this week,I just had to take a break :) At least first semester is done after this Wednesday! Yippee!

The weekend started off early - on friday! I went to Palm Springs with the family for a night. We got some good pool time can you not? Then at night we went to dinner at the Mexican restaurant. It was pretty entertaining seeing all the older men and women acting like they're still in college. Just an example...we were sitting at this outdoor table, and all of a sudden some older man and his younger girlfriend start talking to their friend that was at the table behind us. The older man and his younger girlfriend were walking on the sidewalk by the restaurant. They ended up passing some red cups to the table, and came into the restaurant and sat down. Then the manager came over and said they couldn't have outside drinks in the restaurant and took their drink. I can maybe see some people my age doing things like that...but coming from older people, I was pretty annoyed to say the least. They acted all upset and annoyed when their cups were taken away...the girlfriend had to calm her old man friend down because he was getting upset. Oh silly people in Palm Springs...take a look at old you are please.

Anyways, we came home on Saturday and then it was celebration time with Cody! We had our one year :)

We went to dinner at a little restaurant called Sol Grill in Newport. It was right next to Sharkeez...never would have seen it unless it was for a groupon be had! We had some pretty sangia, and there was a live band performing some good acoustic music. Then we walked along the pier and were amazed at all the people fishing. The tiny fish were flapping all over the place! Perhaps one day Cody and I will be super cool like those fishermen and we'll catch a bucket full of flapping mackeral...with a few crabs thrown in. we went to Disneyland with Brielle, Cody's sweet little sister! I took pictures... so I might post them later :) We went on Toy Story Mania.. Brielle beat me ;) and Cody beat both of our scores combined with 182,000 points. Figures. Haha Love you cody!

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