Wednesday, June 29, 2011

if you care about yourself, you'll read these 6 lessons :)

thank you again to zenhabits, you've outdone yourself again! Your "6 money lessons for my college-aged daughter" is one of the best money lessons posts I've read. Find a cool spot and read this. It just might change your life.

Growing up, my dad has always enforced good spending habits. Being an accountant and a money-smart man, he has always made sure he's putting his money in the right places. I would never call him a penny pincher, but he does always make sure he does not get short changed. Whether it's buying a car, researching the best savings accounts, figuring out which credit cards will give you the most money-back for what you spend....he's definitely pulled me to his side of the fence. I never really payed attention to his money-savvy ways, until college. He's taught me the important of waiting before spending (even though it can be SO SO hard!), and taking care of yourself first...which may mean you don't always get what you want. Personally, I love hearing his ideas about people getting themselves into a mess because of their greediness to get what they want, even if they don't have finances to afford it. I've grown to be more like my dad in this area, and like him, I could easily start up a similar conversation. I laugh at all the real housewives families who have had their homes taken away. It's just silly. Either people are choosing to NOT pay attention to what's going on in the bank, they're in denial and they want to play make-believe, or they're just oblivious to real life. Come on people...let's be smart. Think before you buy :) Simple as that.

Why live like this?

When you can live like this!

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