Saturday, July 23, 2011

yay for friends' weddings!

So Cody and I BOTH had close friends getting married this past month.

My story first....then his :)

Wedding #1: My best friend Hillary's older sister got married. The lovely Miss Shannon...errr maybe now I should be saying MRS. Shannon. We used to play tea parties and all kinds of girly things when we were little. She was the most beautiful bride! I could not wait to see her glowing as she walked down that aisle. And oh my goodness...I had never seen a happier bride. She was beaming the ENTIRE all brides hopefully should! The whole event was beautiful and I don't think it could have gone more perfectly. Here are some pictures! They had their wedding at country club...ceremony was outside, reception was inside.

Yay! They did it!

First dance...

Had to get a picture with the BFF :)

Woo hoo! Off they go!

Wedding #2: Yesterday I went to ANOTHER wedding. This time it was for one of Cody's high school friends. It was all the way in Westlake Village (super pretty!) I had my first trip through the Valley (which thought it would be exciting...not so much). After a morning of getting ready, Cody, being the gentleman he is, came to pick me up. This is us before we left.

We matched! This was our first "formal" event together. Apparently purple/violet dresses aren't in...because I couldn't find any that worked! I still have a couple dresses and hair accessories to return because I didn't end up liking them. The dress I ended up with worked out well (and I can use it again, since it pretty much goes with anything!). I found some flower accessories that matched Cody's shirt too. I'm so glad I found those flowers because I wanted some type of "fascinator". I'm still inspired from the Royal Wedding....I thought having a HUGE hat would be nice...but I decided I didn't want to detract that much attention from the celebrities of the event.

Short side story about the flower accessories....So I went to the Spectrum looking for hair accessories after I sat in on a special ed class (children with special needs tend to have an extended school year). I couldn't find much at the stores I looked at, so I went to Nordstroms because I knew they had some purple headbands online n(♥ online window shopping). I went to Nordstroms and I bought 2 purple headbands because I wasn't exactly sure which color went best. Spent about $50...hoping that I could find something better later so I could return those headbands! Then I was in a hurry to leave because I wanted to see the new office where Cody works. So I text Cody, telling I'm walking to my car. As I'm rushing to my car, I spot Claire's. I thought to myself, "Hm...I know I said I was going to my car, but I HAVE to stop and see if they have something." So I went in and I found super cute flower barrettes in less than 2 minutes...two different shades of purple. PERFECT! Total of $10. SWEET! Bought them...then ran to my car. Now I have to go BACK to Nordstroms to return my headbands. Oh well....$40 saved! Ultimate win.

Back to the wedding....After Cody and I took some pics at my house, we were off to pick up a friend of Cody's. Finally, we were on our trip to Westlake Village. We expected there to be traffic so we gave ourselves 2 hours....yea..2 hours wasn't enough. It took FOREVER...stupid 405 fwy. We ended up getting there a lil late, but we DID make it to the church. I'll just leave it at that.

So once we left the church, we went to where the reception was held. It was beautiful! When we walked into the venue, there were so many picture frames of the bride and groom scattered around the room. It was so cute! And the number of roses used for this wedding was incredible. For example....there were 36+ roses for the center piece at our table. AND we each had a rose on our place setting.

After everyone did their speeches, the food was served. It was super yummy. I had chicken with this amazing potato side dish. And Cody had filet mignon....and some of my potatos. My potatos were more delish, I guess.

Pleased :)

On the drive home I asked Cody what his favorite part of the wedding was.....he said the photobooth (yes, there was a photo booth!). I said the dancing! I love when my boyfriend dances with me ♥ But yes...that photo booth would have been my 2nd favorite part of the evening. I hope the photo booth trend doesn't go away! *crossing fingers* Take a look at all of our fun pics!

And I have to end with this pic...just because it's so amazing. He never ceases to make me smile ♥

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