Friday, July 29, 2011

a fabulous 10 out of 10!

So someone woke up super sore today. The reason? I did some of this yesterday.

It was my first time to Pure Barre class. I had heard about it last year while I was living in Irvine for school, but I never had a chance to go. Recently, a studio opened by my house and because it was newly opened they had a free class promotion! WIN! I'm a girl who likes finding sweet deals. I also have to mention that the studio had a deal on groupon the other day (before I even went). 5 classes for $45....when normally it's $110 (I think....I know it's over $100). I decided to steal that deal before it went away. Anyways, the class was so tough. Don't get me wrong, I liked it. But I did not expect to have such a difficult time! I always thought....oh uses a ballet barre....I can dance..I can do this. I was quite mistaken. There were only 2 people in the class...myself and a girl who just happens to go all the time. It was slightly embarrassing. There were times when my legs were shaking....I thought the ball was going to fall out from my thighs... On the plus side, the instructor was super sweet and she seemed to be understanding, knowing it was my first class ever. I knew I was going to be sore today....let me just say my arms hurt whenever I just happen to bend them. All in Pure Barre experience was a positive one :)

After the class was over, I went to Michael's to buy some craft supplies. I've become quite inspired by the DIY pics I've found through pinterest. Look out for a post in the near future with my creation of craftiness....I'm thinking a possible tutorial? We'll see :)

Later in the afternoon, I went to visit Cody. Yippee!

We decided to eat dinner at this pizza place in Lake Forest called Ciceros. Why did we travel all the way out to Ciceros? Well, Cody cannot eat any food products with gluten in it.... and I LOVE pizza. Most all pizza is made with gluten, and I'd really love to enjoy one of my favorite foods with my boyfriend. Plain and simple. So one night I typed in "gluten free pizza orange county" because I wanted him to be able to eat pizza with me. Ciceros came up. It had great reviews for all of their gluten free(GF) items, and they had quite a GF selection including sandwiches, pasta dishes, pizza... Most small pizza places don't usually offer such items on the menu.

So we decided to check it out. Cody's idea :) This is the place.

Cody decided to try the Italian Sub and I tried an 8 inch Ciceros Special Pizza. We took a seat at a nice table outside. My food came first.... ta da! It was delish.

Then Cody's food came....well we thought it was his food. Only it did NOT look like an Italian looked kind of like a meat ball sub in my opinion. We asked the man about it, and he said something like, "I don't think I've ever seen that before". Hmm.... I think the best thing he said was, "Maybe a sloppy jo?" I had to hold in my laughter till he left. Oh so silly. Is a sloppy jo an Italian dish? I don't think so...and I don't even think it was on the menu.... Anyways, the man took the plate away and brought out the CORRECT sandwich. Apparently there was some confusion and the person who took out order thought Cody said "Italian sausage"...not "Italian sub".

This was Cody's dish.

2 sandwiches!! It was a pretty darn good deal too...less than 9 bucks for his plate. He absolutely loved it. When I asked him what he would rate the sandwich, on a scale of 1 to 10. When I'm expecting to hear an 8 or a 9, he say "A 10". Yahooo! The bread of the sandwich was the best gluten free bread he's ever tasted. I tasted it wasn't hard like most GF breads you buy at the store. We asked someone is they make the bread or buy it....they make it on site. I joked with Cody saying that I'm going to have to work there since they DID have a sign saying they're hiring....just so I can learn the secret recipe :)

So despite the confusion with the sandwich, I give Ciceros a 10 myself. Although my pizza was pretty tasty, that sloppy jo comment was pretty amazing too.


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