Sunday, September 25, 2011

a busy weekend!

It's a Sunday night....meaning it's time to get back to reality and go to bed early so I can wake up at 5:45am tomorrow. A new week with the kiddos is about to commence!

Let's not think about work though....technically, it is STILL the weekend :) On Friday I helped out with sorority recruitment. If you've ever been through sorority recruitment, you'd understand the hard work it entails. I was exhausted and I did nothing compared to what the girls recruiting did! I don't know how I ever recruited for 6 hours straight. CRAZY! How about a little flashback of MY recruitment experiences :)

This was on the night I found out I'd be a Gamma Phi!

My first year "recruiting" - this is a pic of my sorority family :)

A late night of recruitment prep

my last year recruiting - this was our booth!

Those days were definitely ones I won't forget. Love Gamma Phi Beta! SO after a night of recruitment fun....I tutored for THIS.

I was asked to work on the math section....which was fine with me! That's my best section. Yay for polynomials and sum of squares. Anyone remember that?

The day ended with a fabulous date night, after my boyfriend worked so hard on Friday and Saturday. This was my favorite picture of the evening ...and my new favorite picture of us in general :)

Blessed ♥

Originally, the plans were to eat at CPK because of a new gluten free crust advertised on the website. We get there are what happens after we sit down? They say they don't have it anymore. LAME! So we left and ate dinner at PF Chang's which was next door. They have good gluten free food too, so it worked out. *fun fact: PF Chang's was the restaurant we went to for our first date!* Little did I know that we were going to enjoy this yummy dessert :) He spoiled me a little bit. Mmmm chocolate.
Then we went to the OC auto show and we had fun pretending to car shop. We even went on this crazy Jeep test drive track. There was rugged terrain and steep hills set up.

Also...I got a cute hat for free! Thanks scion :)

We're in front of the Ford Flex...which is a car I will NEVER get (due the dumb commercials advertising this car). Cody, completely aware of my thoughts of this car, thought it'd be a great place for a picture... Oh the things I do for the ones I love.

Overall a great weekend, and I definitely wouldn't mind a do-over :)

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