Saturday, September 17, 2011

merry like you mean it!!

Guess who finished all their homework for the weekend and created an Autism brochure that isn't due until next Sunday?! I would wouldn't be here right now, if I still had stuff to do. No way Jose. I actually really enjoyed making my Autism brochure :) I got to be creative, and I love learning about the kiddos I work with. They're the coolest!!

did do a few things a little backwards today. My mom told me about these $39 boots at Steinmart {yes..they do have cute things there!}, so I decided to go check them out this morning. These are them! My first gray pair...yes, that was the justification. And I had a 20% off coupon. WIN!

I did some browsing...and what did I find that made me feel so cozy and happy inside?


I could totally see myself shoving this in people's faces at holiday Scrooges allowed!!!

I'm definitely ready for a new season. Fall...come quicker! Yesterday and this morning you fooled me with your cloudy weather. Not okay.

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