Friday, September 16, 2011

instafriday - Fall is approaching!

a full week back to work and what fun things did I create?

Well...I revamped the blog and changed the name. :) And I made this! Another pinterest creation.... fun seriously never ends when you're pinterest-hooked like me!

It's a little hard to read....but it says "Do your best." I've placed in on my desk at work....yay for motivational words for the kiddos!

The coolest place i went? A "fall" craft boutique...I'm a sucker for these things. As cute as many of the items were...I realized I will ALWAYS be a "holiday" craft boutique lover. As much as I love Halloween and Thanksgiving, Christmas and winter crafts are just so much cuter!

I went with my mom...she saw this {creative?} mask and persuaded me to take a picture with it. Oh the things I do for my mother whom I love SO much! was a day of work, some Fall shopping (i officially own my first over-the-knee boots!), and a movie with the boyfriend. We saw Contagion, and it was pretty good! Definitely the perfect way to end a long week ♥

An oh-so-cool find on my shopping trip, however (as usual), my sensible side dominated and no such item found it's way to my car.

What's in store for your weekend? Mine will consist of reading, hw, and coffeeee! Weeee! Gotta find fun in the "not-so-fun", right?

life rearranged

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