Saturday, November 19, 2011

and the festiveness begins

I know there are many people out there who extremely dislike how early Christmas decorations come out in the stores. I am not one of those people. I understand how many people think Thanksgiving needs to be celebrated prior to the holidays...I totally agree! I consider Thanksgiving a festive's kind of like the pre-cursor to the holidays! Think about the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade....that's pretty festive. And Santa makes an appearance. He's the star of the show! It only makes sense (in my opinion) to prepare for the holidays starting in mid November :) KOST 103.5 (the local soft rock radio station) tells me when it's time to begin the festiveness. They started "Holidays on the KOST" this past Tuesday....Christmas music 24/7 until the end of Christmas! It's a little piece of heaven for me because it keeps me awake during my drive to work.

Oh the joys of the are a few things that make smile

Just my dream Christmas house :)

It's time to whip out my holiday baking tools!!

Must check off each item...except maybe the chucking oysters one.

Although this past week was ridiculously busy with school work, it could not have ended any better than a trip to Disneyland with my amazing boyfriend last night. I am so thankful we both have passes and are able to spend time together at a place that brings me such amazing childhood memories. Disneyland is now super festive!! We got to see all of the lovely Christmas decorations and see part of the fireworks show. I'm such an emotional person...just hearing the music to the fireworks makes me tear up. I guess sometimes the joy of the holidays can be too much to handle!
I found someone to take this picture for us!

And then we stumbled across this fairy land walk through, and there were huge flowers to sit on! So much fun!

Besides getting all festive and doing work for my classes, I've developed a new obsession - CROCHETING! I am crocheting like crazy in my free time. I can't seem to stop. It's so relaxing :) Right now, I'm making headbands. In the pictures above, I'm sporting my Mickey-Mouse inspired headband. A red band with a big black bow! I'm in the process of making some holiday ones, s0 I will be posting more about these soon!

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