Wednesday, February 15, 2012

30 Day Challenge? Let's try this.

Yes. I am going to start a 30 Day Challenge. What is this 30 Day Challenge? I found it over at Elle-oh-vee and it looks like so much fun!

I never have a really good idea of what I want to talk about in my blog, and this seems like a fabulous activity. Now it just won't be random stuff. I get to learn a little bit more about myself {LOVE personal reflections}, and you just might learn a little bit about me :) Also, as much as I love the deep and educational posts I am required write for my online classes...this is going to be so much more relaxed! {Ahhhh relaxation}

Day 1 Challenge? Your current relationship, if single discuss how single life is.

In a relationship....just possibly with the most romantic man you will ever meet. His name is Cody and I consider myself a lucky lucky gal. Maybe I should explain his Valentine's Day surprise to give you just a little idea about what I mean when I say romantic.

Yesterday {valentine's day}, Cody tells me he going to pick up me up between 6:45 and 7, and I needed to bring a scarf or something. So.I can be blindfolded. Ooo the suspense! I wasn't exactly sure about what we were going to do, but I guessed we were going out to eat somewhere, since last year he surprised me at my house by making a fanc dinner in my parent's kitchen and having it all prepared before I walked in. Such a sneaky one...

This is us before we went on our little adventure. This is quite the blurry picture...but we look the best in this one compared to the others!

Fast forward to blindfold time :) Cody is driving somewhere, and for a while I have an idea where we are going because I can sense where he is turning. Then we start making all these crazy turns, and I become lost.

This was the ending spot :)

Cody did it again :) He pre-scouted for a place we could have a candle-lit dinner, just the two of us under the stars. Oh yea..with pretty amazing skyline view. We had sushi {yum!} and simply enjoyed the evening. Even though it was a chilly evening, Cody was super prepared with blankets and even a heater! We had a few technical difficulties with the heater...but we still had the most amazing dinner and I couldn't think of a more heartfelt Valentine's Day surprise! To top it off, he presented GINORMOUS chocolate covered strawberries platter....he wrapped them himself! {so cute}

He was even a winner when it came to card selection....this card is NOT just a card. It's a piece of art I plan on displaying year-round! Apparently, that was his intention with the card in the first place. {o so sweet}

I must admit Cody and I didn't meet in the most traditional way. We didn't even really "meet" when we first interacted. We "winked" at each :) Yes, we met through, and I am proud to admit it. I wish I saved the messages we sent back and forth {CONSTANTLY}....I remember us talking about Disneyland...our family....what we do for work/school. I never wanted to leave my computer. Soon our messages turned into texts, then into a phone call...until we met in person, when I made sure I would be *safe* {just in case} and had a whole table of my sorority sisters with me. Poor Cody....haha! I warned him there would be other girls, so his cousin came along too. I recognized Cody walking towards the pub my sisters and I were at, and I walked to the door to meet him. Of comes the epitome of my awkwardness. We say hi, and I think to myself "Do I put out my hand for a hand shake or do I hug him? WHAT DO I DO???" My hand went out...he went in for a hug. We're never going to forget that moment. Perfectly shows our individuality! We laughed off my hand shake attempt {slightly embarrassing}, and I gave him a hug. Perfection. We've talked every day since then.

There's the story of us :) We love each other and our far life is good :) We love going to Disneyland and we love watching House Hunters {preferably NOT international} on HGTV. I'm the aspiring special education teacher, still attending school and aiding part-time. Cody works in the field of Data Recovery (computer lingo), and he is a computer genius. I like to have things planned out ahead of time, and I can get quite frazzled. Cody is more laid back and he likes to see how things fall into place. We definitely have our differences, but we've always managed to compromise and see the beauty in our differences. I think we compliment each other quite well :)

That's enough for Day 1 Challenge :)

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