Friday, February 17, 2012

Challenge Day 3

Challenge Day 3: Your views on drugs and alcohol.

I'm assuming this challenge is meant for me to discuss my views on illegal drugs. When it comes to drugs, I only approve of appropriate use of legal drugs. I've only taken legal drugs prescribed to my doctor, and I can't see how one can take illegal drugs knowing the harmful effects they can have on our bodies. I feel uncomfortable when I am in a room with people using illegal drugs, and I just don't like to be around it. I know I can't stop others from making the choice to consume illegal drugs, but I just hope they realize the potential harm they are putting themselves into.

When it comes to alcohol, I'm over 21 and I love attending happy hours every once in a while. This past New Years Eve, my boyfriend, myself, and two other couples we knew went to a NYE party and there was an open bar! Not going to lie, I was pretty excited about it because drinks can be expensive. We were all responsible with the amount of drinks we had, and the night was so much fun! For some people, a lil drink is necessary when it comes to dancing the night away or doing a little bit of karaoke :) I have no problem with anyone who wants to drink alcohol, as long as they can control themselves. I DO get very irked with people who can't handle what they drink. Working at a school, I've become pretty experienced handling unruly behavior and I feel much more confident calling people out when they've proven through their behavior they've had too much to drink. Come on, people! You can still have fun, and not embarrass yourself :) Promise.

There's my spiel! Cheers!

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