Friday, March 23, 2012

Feel Good Friday :)

Clearly, I fail at keeping up with blog post challenges. It's ok though because......

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I've decided to turn the following challenge into a "Feel Good Friday!" post. Happy Friday Everyone!

Day 5 - A time when you thought about ending your own life.

As I just stated, it's FRIDAY and this is a little bit too morbid of a topic for me to talk about. I've never thought about ending my own life and it's really sad when I hear stories about others who have done it or thought about it. Obviously, I've had my bad days where all I can think is "Why me?" and "I don't think I can do handle this", but I've never had suicidal thoughts. Although I'm still pretty young, I have learned through experience that the "rough patches" in life come and go (most of the time), and it's important to remember to step back look at the big picture of how you want your life to be. We make the choice as to how we want to handle the struggles we face everyday.

Perhaps taking classes for my Special Education credential and working with individuals with special needs has really given me a new perspective on life. It's really inspirational for me to see the students I work with look at life so positively, despite the challenges they face daily. For example - imagine if you knew you could never run like the rest of your peers, yet you see all of peers running and laughing during P.E and at recess. To me, that would be devastating. I think I would come home everyday crying because I want to run like my friends. However, I see the students make the choice to not dwell on the problems of today, and instead focus on the positives. It's a coping mechanism for sure, but it's also an essential life skill everyone should strive to have.

Yesterday's, today's, or tomorrow's problems affect our lives as much as we let them. Some problems might stay with us forever, and others will eventually subside. It's how we choose to cope with life's "rough patches" that will determine how we feel when we wake up in the morning. So while in the moment a problem at hand might seem larger than you can handle, remember to take a minute and think about what good things are going on in your life and what possibilities for the future are in store :)

So starting tomorrow :)

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  1. Good ones! I was wondering if I should have a cupcake for breakfast and that last one totally sealed the deal. Hope you're having a lovely weekend!