Saturday, June 2, 2012

24 for 24

Yesterday was my 24th birthday and on my way home from work I thought about starting a post of 24 things I've done or learned about myself within the last year :)  These are in no particular order....just things that come to my mind!

1.  Went fishing in a fishing boat in the ocean and caught my first fish.  In fact, I caught multiple fish :)
2.  Took a road trip with the family through Utah, Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho and visited Yellowstone National Park.
3.  Created a shop on Etsy - Lovebug Lane :)  Still working on my items to sell.
4.  Finished a 3 semesters at CSUF for my special ed credential.
5.  Made delicious gluten free pineapple upside down cake for the boyfriend. 
6.  Crocheted too many headbands and flower hair clips to count.
7.  Reached my goal to weight the same or less than the high school weight on my driver's license.
8.  Ran around the lake twice without stopping. 
9. Visited Napoleon Dynamite's stomping grounds.
10. Completed a DIY of repainting my dresser drawers (with the help of my dad and boyfriend )
11. Taught my first lesson to a classroom of 6th graders.
12.  Decided that 6th graders aren't scary, and I would not mind having a class full of them :)
13.  Visited a high school, and the lady at the office thought I was a student from last year.  Typical.   
14.  Hosted a 4th of July party at my house.
15.  Developed a love for nail polish.
16.  Went to my first wedding of a childhood friend..Hillary's sister, Shannon :)
17. Saw U2 with my brother at the Angel's Stadium.
18. Bought a new laptop because my Apple laptop decided to die on me. 
19. Attended Pure Barre classes and loved them.
20. Celebrated 2 years with my boyfriend Cody at the Grove in LA
21. Went to Vegas twice...once for Shannon's bachelorette party and once for Melanie's (gamma phi beta sorority sister) birthday day
22. Attended two big sis revealings at the sorority house - the Muppet family is growing!
23. Finished read a book I started reading over a year ago and read a new book within 2 weeks (the book is called Heaven is good!)
24. Went with friends to an AMAZING new year's eve hotel party....definitely going again next year :)

Well...there's 24 for 24! A pretty good year indeed :)

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