Saturday, May 26, 2012

the "adult" in me

 Oh I made a pretty "adult" choice (if that even exists...) one that I would never have thought of doing a year or two ago. Perhaps it will make more sense if I simply explain what I've decided to do :)

Around two weeks ago I went shopping at Nordstrom's Rack and I found a pair of Joe's Jeans in petite sizes.  $79.99.  I was pretty excited because I'm 5'2 and I've always had to go through hemming jeans if they were regular length.  These jeans happened to be an almost perfect length.  I could have hemmed them up an inch if I wanted...but if I only wore heels with them, I wouldn't have to!  I hadn't purchased a pair of designer jeans since freshman year of I thought I could splurge a bit.  At least I wasn't going to be paying the $172 price! I've already learned that paying that kind of price for jeans is absolutely nuts.  Since I've discovered Nordstrom's Rack, I could never understand paying more than $100 for jeans.  Even THAT sounds ridiculous.  

When I was a senior in high school, designer jeans were just becoming popular. I will admit I really wanted a pair.  Even thought I knew at that age the cost of those jeans were ridiculous, I was a kid and I wanted them regardless! For my birthday, my parents got me a pair of 7s at regular price.  My dad must have had a mini heart attack, poor guy.  To this day I still wear them.  In fact, I'm wearing them as I type! I don't think I'll ever want to get rid of them, mainly because of the price tag! 

Since I've bought those $79.99 Joe's Jeans at Nordstrom's Rack, I've tried them on at home with my shoes and I started having second thoughts.  Was $80 really worth it?'s Joe's Jeans...but do I really care THAT much about the brand of my jeans? Meh..about 60% of me doesn't care.   Do these jeans fit SO amazing that I could never find another pair of jeans that fit the same, if not better, and cost less?  After some debating and online answer to that question was NO.  Of course I could find nice jeans with a more sensible price tag. I took a trip to the Brea Mall and I went straight to American Eagle, where I saw some good looking jeans online.  They had "short" lengths in their jeans, which was extra nice too.  Walking into the store, I was already a happy camper because my ENTIRE purchase would be 40% off.  SCORE!  I found two pairs of jeans..ended up buying both...spent $50.  I think felt like those women on Extreme Couponing after they leave the store....maybe just a little bit :)  

2  pairs jeans for $50 vs. 1 pair jeans for $80?  I'm pretty sure I know which purchase wins in my book :)   Now it's time to return Joe's Jeans to Nordstrom's Rack!  

Driving home I was thinking how I would have NEVER reconsidered my Joe's Jeans purchase a few years ago...maybe even last year.  At that time, I didn't even have that thing called a job.  And when I did...I worked minimal hours and a minimal wage.  Oh the care-free life I lived.  I didn't think TOO much about what I was spending my money on in terms of where I ate, where I bought clothes, where I bought gas.  I wouldn't say this my life now is full of worries by any means...but I do ask myself more often, "Is this REALLY necessary?" or "Would I rather spend my dollars somewhere else?".  Clearly, the "kid" in me wanted to buy those Joes Jeans a few weeks ago (and I did!), but then the "adult" in me made me make the best choice.  I'm pretty sure in the long run, I'll be thankful for the "adult" in me to step in a take charge :)  

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