Tuesday, May 22, 2012

two years :)

Woohoo! The semester is finally over and I've found some time to get back on this thing.  It's crazy how I can have such an open schedule where I have all this time to crochet and blog...and then all of a sudden all of that fun stuff has to stop.  Well...I can't say ALL of that fun stuff can begin again...but with school being done for the summer, I can have a little bit more fun :)  Still...I somehow manage to bring home things to do for work being an AIDE!  I'm not required to do anything at home...but sometimes I just feel the need to make some extra materials for the kiddos.  Once the work day starts, there's no time to easily come up with stuff on the spot and keep the kids engaged. It will be interesting to see how much work I bring home when I'm an actual teacher...my goal is ZERO work (yea...like that's gonna happen)!

Two weekends ago Cody and I had our two year anniversary :)  It's nice having an anniversary in the middle of May because the weather tends to be lovely, making it easy for us to do something outside.  Last year we ate a restaurant right night to the Balboa Pier...this year we drove to L.A for a nice dinner at The Grove.  Before we hit the road, I presented him with a hand-made gluten free pineapple upside down cake.  He was in LOVE.  I'm glad I'm getting better at making gluten free foods...at first it was so hard and to be honest, intimidating!

We ate dinner at a restaurant called the Marmalade Cafe.  Here's the yummy food we ate....we also made sure we celebrated right by having a nice drink :)   It was a treat because we don't normally buy drinks when we go out.  I had my red wine...and Cody had a blood orange margarita.  Very pleased and relaxed were we.

After dinner, we spent some time walking around The Grove.   The Grove is so pretty...I love the landscaping, fountains, and cute light posts.  It seems like the perfect little street of tiny shops.  Cody and I had fun pretending to be high class and picking out things at Crate and Barrel.

At the end of the night we exchanged our gifts.   For Cody, I was excited to present him with 2 days of planned out dates.  I wanted to be crafty (as always), so I made a collage of cute pictures including our first picture and most recent picture together on the envelope containing the dates.   From Cody, I received the most beautiful canvas print.  It's a photo mosaic including ALL of our pictures :)  I'm so lucky to have such a thoughtful and romantic boyfriend.  He always has a way of making things extra special for me.  Love you sweetie!

Cheers to us!

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