Saturday, April 14, 2012

i just can't get enough!

If you know me well or you've been reading this, you probably know I am a huge fan of Lionel Richie. How did I become such a big fan? I'm not exactly sure to be honest. I've heard his music growing up, and I hear many of his songs on the soft rock radio station all the time. One day a few years ago I was listening to a bunch of his songs on youtube and I came across "Ballerina Girl" and it made me cry! I've already decided a number of his songs will be on the playlist for my wedding...future husband be warned!

Last night Lionel has a tv special with a bunch of country stars. He just released a new album of duets with country artists to his original songs. This whole Lionel Richie + country is somewhat like a dream come true to me because of my love for both Lionel and country music. How did he know?? Lionel, you're too much! Now make my 2nd dream come true and perform out in So Cal, ok?

His show was AMAZING - I've already seen it 2 times in one day, with repeats of several performances. I'm afraid to delete it from the's definitely not happening anytime soon! He did an amazing job, and so did all of the artists! His daughter Nicole and him did a lil duet on the piano precious. Here are some of my favorite performances :) I just have to post them....mainly for myself!

The Band Perry - "Penny Lover"

Lady Antebellum - "Truly" STUNNING HARMONY ALERT!!

Lionel and Nicole - "Climbing" & "Three Times a Lady"

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