Wednesday, January 9, 2013

it wins to be tiny

Despite the fact that people often are off by at least 5 years of my actual age AND I have to make sure I look "grown up" at the elementary school so I don't get confused as a student, looking young and being tiny has quite the benefits!

To name one, I can fit into girl's clothes at Target!  I used to complain about how cute the girls' clothes were these days....until this Fall I actually tried on something cute, and voila!  It fit!  Oh yea...did I mention the cost of girl's clothes keep my bank account super happy? Double win.

Outfit #1:

Here's the first item I bought in October or November of last year (remember...I mean 2012 people).  By the maker of Cherokee. Leopard print dress with purple accents?  You might not be a fan of leopard print....but I sure am!  Paired with leggings and boots... I gotta say I found myself a winning outfit for a night out.

Outfit #2

I just found this dress by the maker of Circo today for #14.99.  Oh makes me laugh at how toddler-ish it sounds "Circo" sounds.  No shame though! I like the combination of stripes on tops and polka dots on the bottom and I love the high-low cut.  It's not too severe of a different from the back to the front, which is fine with me.  Also, it wasn't too crazy colorful like some of the other prints.  Lastly, I like that it came with a belt.  A belt that fit!

Yes, I'm  proud to say I can still wear clothes by the makers of Circo and Cherokee :)   For you ladies out there who have ever wanted to buy these clothes, but felt too embarrassed to actually go through with it...don't be ashamed!  There was no judgement cast on me when I went to try these on.  I say DO IT! 

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