Friday, January 4, 2013

first favorite of the year!

Happy 2013 friends!  What's my first favorite of the year?

C9 by Champion® Women's Compression Tight - Assorted Colors

Yes, these pair of compression tights from Target!  Only $19.99 - on sale this week! 

I've been wanting to wear legging type pants to work-out, and I didn't want to wear my cotton leggings.  That's just not appropriate, in my opinion.  I needed leggings that were a bit more snug and had more of a "work-out" feel.  Anyways, I was doing research online and these pants had a price tag I was willing to pay.   I finally got to Target yesterday, and I was lucky to find my size in a section other than where the pants were supposed to be.  It was meant to be!  These pants have a super smooth outer material and a fleece lining.  It's the best combination!

They're SO comfy, I don't think I ever want to take them off.  I'm considering buying another pair while they're on sale. Eek! *I thought I'd throw some Gamma Phi Beta pride when I went running this morning :) *

Like a lot of people, I am trying to start of the new year with healthy habits.  I didn't make any resolutions to go to the gym more or loose X amount of weight - however I just want to maintain my current weight and try to gain the stamina I had for running over last summer.  Going to the gym for me is so difficult once school and student teaching starts.  Luckily, student teaching acts like an 8 hour work out because I feel like I'm standing and walking all day. I've definitely lost the stamina for running since I stopped going to the gym when school started in the Fall.  I went to the gym yesterday, and 30 minutes on the treadmill was enough!  I'd really like to go to Pure Barre again, but it's just pretty pricey for me at the moment.  I need to do something called save more, spend less. It's going to be a challenge, but it's something I'm looking forward to   learn from.  I had to give my 2 weeks notice at Justice because my next two semesters are going to be ridiculously busy, and if I do have free time, I know I'll need it to just rest.  I'm so thankful I'm able to quit my job though (living at home does have it's benefits) - I know some people have no choice.  I truly admire those people who bust their butts at school and work countless, and unpredictable hours to simply make ends meet.  I'm still working at making items for Lovebug Lane though :)  Perhaps one  resolution for this year will be to make enough items for me to sell at a craft fair.  That's something I'll have to think about.  I'll see how much I can get done before school starts up again!

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