Sunday, May 5, 2013

only 2 more weeks :)

Two more weeks of student teaching and I'll be just about done with my mild/moderate teaching credential program! The next two weeks will also consist of state testing for half the time, so really I'll only be teaching for one more week.  These two weeks are going to go by so fast.  :(

What have been the highlights of student teaching?

- realizing my ridiculous amount of patience when a kiddos daily says he is GOING to play a game even if he hasn't earned it.
- a student asking, "What does Mr. Clean do?"
- becoming confident about teaching writing!
- becoming friends with Woodcock-Johnson III
- hearing a student say, "I've just about had it with Ms. _____" (me)  when he didn't earn his game.  That made me laugh.
- being able to go back to my old elementary school every day the last 8 weeks
- making students laugh and enjoy learning
- calling my master teacher by the wrong name for the first 3 days because I got confused with another teacher...and the students never said a word about it when I referred to her.  Poor kiddos must have wondering who I was talking about!
- having a terrified 3rd grader come running in the classroom saying the bathroom lights weren't on
- having a kiddo ask me if I knew of his parent's company, and when I said I didn't, he rolled his eyes and said "look it up"  I'm sorry but I am not educated in all the companies of the United States
- Presenting the main idea of "Police officers are helpful", and when I asked for supporting details, a student says they aren't and all they do is eat doughnuts.  Needless to say...I had to find a new main idea because we were not going to get anywhere with that.

One thing I love about working in a can never predict some of the things that kiddos will do or say. I'm just glad I can roll with it, and make humor out of everything that happens!

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