Monday, May 20, 2013

surprise road trip!

Let's go back to three years ago :)

Cody and I had just began dating... I had just graduated from UCI. Summer nights were spent at Disneyland and in this picture, we happened to be at one of my brother's band shows.  

Fast forward to now....this is us on a surprise road trip Cody planned for us to celebrate our 3 year anniversary this past weekend.  I didn't know what we were doing..but he said it'd be a whole day thing.  My guesses included going to the beach, going somewhere in LA, or going to the Aquarium.  Also, I asked if I could wear a dress and he said yes!  In my world, if I can wear a dress, it's going to be a good day hands down.   Turned out we were going to Santa Barbara for the day :) 

This is the only picture I took of us ...  I need to remember to take more!!

Cody knows how much I LOVE road trips and simply driving in the car listening to country music.  That's exactly what we did :)  Thanks to my trusty iheartradio app, we pretended we were in Texas and listened to radio stations in Houston, Austin, and Dallas.  The commercials were pretty crazy and so fitting for Texas radio.  For example...never in Southern California have I heard an advertisement for Obamacare911. That's Texas for you! Gotta love it.  

What should have been a 2 hour trip to Santa Barbara...turned out to be more like a 3.5 hour trip thanks to traffic.  I wouldn't have had it anything other way.  I just feel so lucky and thankful. He is just so darn good at finding ways to make me feel special. Honestly, I would have been happy to just drive to Santa Barbara....walk dinner at Chipotle (since there was one)...and then come home. I realize that Santa Barbara is a pretty touristy spot, and although it would be nice to eat at a restaurant on the main street, I definitely didn't NEED that.  That definitely would be considered a luxury, and while I do like to feel luxurious sometimes, this surprise trip to somewhere new for both of us was a gift itself.  Well, we ended up eating at a mexican restaurant on the main street..had then flan!  I kept telling that boy, "I don't need it!!"  He's a for sure keeper :) 

 If you're reading this Cody - this is for you! Thank you! .  

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