Thursday, August 18, 2011

Christmas in August!

So the other day, Cody was finally able to enjoy his Christmas present! Since Cody is the ultimate baseball player, I decided to get him tickets to an Angel game. He got to pick the seats, which was good...because I might have failed in doing a good job in that department.

We got some pretty good laughs throughout the night. For example, at one point people were cheering and a few people in front of me were throwing their hands up. I didn't exactly know why, so I looked around and I saw a man in the aisle throwing out bags of peanuts. For a second I thought that he was throwing them out for free (even though I am very aware that things at baseball games are NOT a super tiny cpk pizza for $9.75...ridiculous!). So I threw my hands up too, thinking I might get free peanuts. Then Cody looked at me like, "Why are you throwing your hands up?" I started explaining to him peanuts, duh....and then i saw a HUGE circular pin on the fabric carrier holding the peanuts. What did it say? $6.75. Sad day. Those peanuts were NOT free give-aways. I changed my mind. Those peanuts created too much of a mess anyways....thanks to the lady sitting next to me, I had proof on the floor.

Yay for Christmas in August!

Ok....I admit..maybe Christmas is a LIL too far away. Who's ready for Fall? ME! It's almost time to sport some of this. Yup...I do have some pretty wishful thinking about So Cal weather. A wish for legitimate seasons isn't too much to ask, right?

I'd totally wear that the first day back to work....if I wanted to drown myself with sweat. No thanks.

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