Sunday, October 2, 2011

my new goal

Going to all these craft shows really makes me want to be more creative. Luckily, working at a school I can sometimes be a little crafty. It's unfortunate there's isn't as much time to do all the festive art projects these days like when I was in school. Hopefully when I have my own classroom I'll be able to find ways to incorporate art!

My new goal is to learn how to sew! Not just by hand....with a sewing machine :) I see so many cute hand-crafted items like headbands, aprons, coffee cozies....I just want to make my own! And then maybe one day I can have a table of my own at a craft fair and sell my creations. That would be the IDEAL situation. I'll teach during the year...and craft like crazy during the summer. Sounds like a good plan to me.

What will I need to accomplish this goal?

It would be nice, right?

And this will be the first thing I create :) I'm thinking Christmas-inspired...and then I'll get to all of the other fun holidays!

Source: via Diana on Pinterest

Now I have to find time....cute fabric...and a place to do this.

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