Saturday, December 10, 2011

christmas lights galore!

Yesterday was date night and Cody and I went to BJ's! Yippee skippee for amazing ceasar salad, pizza,and pizoookie! After dinner, we walked around the Brea Mall for a little bit. I wanted to see Santa and the children, but by the time we got to him, he was already back to the North Pole for the night. Next time I guess :)

We browsed, and I went into this amazing shop called Daisy Shop...which sells amazing wall decor just like this!

If I had enough wall space (and dinero) for all their decor merchandise, I would find a way to own every piece . I made sure to let Cody know that too. No secrets, right?

In addition walking in the mall (the best form of post-dinner exercise...not to mention it's free fun!), we took a drive to a nearby neighborhood with amazing Christmas lights! I had discovered it last year, and I wanted Cody to experience all the fun! It was so cold, so we just drove through and I took tons of pictures and we had Christmas music on in the car. I have to be cheesy for a felt so magical! Special moments during the holidays are things I will always cherish.

The first house I loved!

A Hanukkah House!

Mickey and Minnie Mouse!

That tree was SO tall...whoever decorated that tree has determination!

Silly snowman!

Today we're finally putting up our Christmas lights, and I decorated the mantel with garland and lights. This is what I'm shooting for...

It's good to have high hopes, right?

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  1. The Christmas lights are SO pretty! I love the first house, and the silly snowman & his "family" are cute. Is that a penguin going down the slide with his son!? Awww :p :)

    I hope your Christmas goes great!

    xo -S