Thursday, December 8, 2011

one reason why i love my job!

My festive activity of the day .... baking muffins in holiday cupcake liners for treat day at work tomorrow!! Yummmm ...I love treat day!

I took this with a new app I bought on sale for 10 cents called Paper Camera. My boyfriend finds all these amazing deals!

One reason why I'm so happy I've chosen the path to be a teacher?

Ugly Christmas sweaters are required pieces of clothing. I just pulled this beauty out of my "winter clothes" container for tomorrow. Decked with gingerbread, Santa Clause, ornaments, bows, and stars! For kiddos who need to develop their language, it could be a great learning tool! So appropriate for Festive addition to the fact tomorrow is the holiday party for the staff at my school. Woo hoo!

Do you own an ugly sweater? I don't judge :)

I'm just a little bit excited that tomorrow's Friday....AND my boyfriend and I are having a date night tomorrow. He loves me so much, he's even going to walk through a super festive, busy, and chaotic mall with me! To me, going to the mall during the holidays is like heaven. I'm able to block out all the craziness and simply enjoy the holiday cheer. For him...well let's just say he doesn't find it so heavenly. Yet...he will go anyway and I for that I am ever so grateful!

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  1. Diana, This is so sweet!!! Enjoy! Your kids in class should be greatful that they have you as their teacher!!!! Merry Xmas! Cousin Maritza