Saturday, January 7, 2012

happy new year!

As usual, the holidays quickly came and gone and a new year is upon us. Here is a super special pic of the boyfriend and I from New Year's Eve. We went to our first NYE party with some friends !

It was at the Wyndham in Costa Mesa, and it was a blast. We danced with our party favors....indulged in the open bar...a good night indeed.

I was looking forward to my 2 week break as soon as Thanksgiving break was over, and it went by so quickly! This past week at work was EXHAUSTING! While it's nice to be back with the kiddos again, they successfully outdid themselves in wearing out Ms. Toyos. I was SO happy to sleep in today until 9am and not wake up before the sun.

Now that Christmas is over.....guess what I'm excited about now? Let me give you a visual hint.

Valentine's Day! This year (like every year) I am going to control myself when it comes to buying Valentine's Day decorations. I absolutely no place for them! Any decoration that I would buy would go in the "for future use" pile. Let me just say that pile has no room to grow.

Valentine's Day makes me feel a wee bit today was the first day I've been crafty in a while! This is what I've created!

I've learned how to make crochet hearts! Many more are to be made! I may use them to make a banner...thoughts? :)

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