Wednesday, April 11, 2012

in with the new :)

Perhaps due to the fact that spring has sprung and I'm LOVING the color trend of this new season, I've turned into an earring and nail polish fanatic! My earring collection no longer consists of basic studs (which I will always have a heart for). While I have yet to become brave enough to sport long, dangly earrings, I have purchased some larger, more colorful earrings. Here they are!

Whenever I find something new to love, I have to develop some good self discipline. That self-discipline is necessary whenever I go into pretty much ANY store that sells earrings and nail polish. what stores do NOT sell earrings or nail polish? That's a question I need to think about...

Just a few cute earrings from Nordstrom's I've got my eye on :)

As always, pinterest is partially to blame for another reason to spend. Another new bottle of pastel nail polish? Yes please! Just look at these beautiful nails!

I just bought a mint color today and I am VERY excited to try this look :)

Now if only I could keep my nail polish from constantly chipping when rummaging through my bag of dry erase markers at work.... something to be solved another day!

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