Friday, July 27, 2012

hello pretty jar turned into vase :)

Yesterday was another DIY day :)  It all began with an empty glass bottle of this.  A favorite drink of the boyfriend :) 

Here's the vase all cleaned up.  It was nice that the wrapper wasn't glued all the way around.  Only a little bit of glue residue was left, so I used some Goo Gone with a cloth and it worked wonders!  So clear and clean!

Now, once I get a DIY idea in my head I HAVE to get it done right away.  All of  sudden I feel like there's a huge project on my hands, and the deadline is before I go to bed!  I had an idea of what I wanted to do...burlap was a must.  I started looking around on pinterest and I saw that some people wrapped lace around the burlap.  That was my first plan.  My 2nd option was to make cream color yo-yo's and somehow attach them.   Off to Michael's I went...I made sure to print off 2 different coupons I found on the internet.  I love my coupons! I found a roll of burlap{way more than I needed}  for $7 and a package of really pretty off white lace for $3.99.  At the time I was a tad bit hesitant of making my purchase because I didn't know  what I'd do with too much extra burlap and lace...but I figured with a coupon, the purchase made more sense.  Once I got to the register, I whipped out my two coupons (one was 50% off...the other 40% off) and I was told me there was only one coupon per customer.  WHAT THE?!  Why would the website allow me to print multiple coupons at once?  They were both different coupons!  At JoAnn's I can use as many coupons as I want, as long as the code is different.  Needless to say, I wasn't going to just give in and say "Okay...that's fine."  No way jose...I asked "Even if they're two different coupons?"  and the girl was like, "No."   Hmmmm....."Then can you make two transactions?" Yes...I went far enough to ask that because I know some stores will do that to be nice to the customer. The girl said she couldn't.   I knew it would be ridiculous to make a second trip the next day to simply use another coupon, so I just decided to use one coupon.  I wanted to just get my project done.  I left spending a little over $9 and I was beginning to think I could have spent much less money at JoAnn's.  I definitely didn't live up to my DIY thrifty potential.

Once I got home, and I decided to go to JoAnn's.  I had two different 50% off coupons and I knew I could use them both.  YAY! I found my burlap.   Since it was sold by the yard, I could buy only what I needed!  $2 spent on burlap + 50% off coupon....$1 spent on a half a yard.  WIN!  I didn't find lace at JoAnn' I decided to look at their quilting fabric squares in cream colors for some yo-yos. I found a beautiful fabric that had  lacy print on it! The lace was no longer necessary.  $1.99 + 50% off ... another $1 spent.  I'm happy.  Here's my receipt upon purchase :)   

$2.36 spent.  I just LOVE that "I'm quite thrifty" feeling :)

Once I got home it was time to get to work....cut the burlap...created 6 yoyos....attached it all.

 Here's the finished product :) 

I just love my new vase! It was so easy, and now I want to redecorate any jar I see!

P.S. I already got my $$ back at Michael's.  Cha ching!

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