Friday, July 20, 2012

The Nail Files!

It's been quite a while since I linked up with another blog.  Today's link up will be with The Nail Files!  Yay for a link up party that showcases fabulous nails!

You can read the whole story behind these nails two posts before this one :)

the peachy color - "peach" by love & beauty by Forever 21...only $2.50 and it painted very smoothly!
the glitter accent - "Today Was Fairytale" by Deborah Lippmann ..pretty pricey at $20...but I did only 2 coats for great glitter cover

What do you think?  This was definitely pinterest inspired :) 


  1. Oh wow, that forever 21 color is great!

  2. that glitter is amazing! such a pretty mani! :)

  3. That glitter is freaking bananas! Pricey, but looks like it's worth it!

    1. LOL I like to think it's worth it! I wouldn't spend that much on non-glitter color...I'm pretty sure I've bought my one and only $20 polish for life. :)

  4. That peach is beautiful! I need to get my butt to f21 and check out their polish. I've heard it's really good quality for its price :)